CHECK IN/OUT TIME  Check-in time is 2 pm with check-out at 12:00 noon. Please register for another day by 10:00am.

Wi-Fi use is available for occasional internet access, such as checking email and brief internet searches. Please no video streaming or downloading due to bandwidth limitations.

ALL VISITORS MUST REGISTER at the office to obtain a pass, pay visitor fee of $5 (children 3 and under free). Registered camper is responsible for his visitors. All visitors must abide by the Campsite Rules and Regulations.

ALL PETS MUST BE ON A 6’ LEASH whenever animal is outside owner’s trailer, vehicle, or cabin. NO aggressive dogs of any kind are permitted. Pets must keep quiet. PLEASE clean up after your pet. There will be a charge for not cleaning up after your pet. Pets are not permitted in any buildings or in the pool area. No pets shall be left unattended.

QUIET TIME- 11:00pm to 8:00am.  NO GENERATORS. Remember your fellow campers may be sleeping. NO LOUD STEREOS AT ANY TIME.


DO NOT CHANGE YOUR ASSIGNED SITE without permission from the office. Open sites may be reserved or the occupant may have left temporarily.

ALL BUILDINGS ARE SMOKE FREE. Receptacles are provided outside each building for proper disposal. Cigarette butts are litter. Please do not throw them on the ground!

HELP US KEEP OUR RESTROOMS CLEAN. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

SWIMMING POOL HOURS- 11:00am to 9:00pm. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No glass permitted in the pool area.

FISHING (CATCH and RELEASE) is permitted without a license at no charge for registered campers and those staying in cabins. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while at the lake.

SMALL CAMPFIRES UNTIL MIDNIGHT ARE PERMITTED IN FIRE RINGS ONLY; not on the grass. Please, DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS! Please do not burn trash other than paper or cardboard.

PICNIC TABLES are not to be moved from their site. No grills on the picnic tables please.

PLEASE RESPECT THE TREES.  Do not cut, bend, or drive nails into them.

NO ATV, MOTORBIKE, MINIBIKE RIDING OR SKATEBOARDING in the campground. Sorry, no golf carts permitted (exceptions are made for those with handicapped placards).

TRASH- We provide trash bins all over the park and pick up daily.

NO DUMPING OF EFFLUENTS OF ANY KIND ON THE GROUND. (Ohio State Law) There is a Sanitary Disposal Station located behind the office for your use.

NO DRAINING OF SINK (GRAY) WATER ON THE GROUND. (Ohio State Law) Please use a container and dispose of it at the Sanitary Disposal Station located behind the office.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not permitted in excess. Please be discrete with your alcoholic beverages. DRUGS are not permitted in the park.

FIREARMS, FIRECRACKERS, FIREWORKS, OR EXPLOSIVES of any type are not allowed in the park 

NO CLOTHESLINES.  Dryers are available in the laundry room.

PARENTS are responsible for the actions of their children. Children 17 and under must be at their site by 9:00pm unless accompanied by an adult.

WASHING RV VEHICLES is permitted. A nozzle attachment that stops water when not needed must be used.

REFUNDS are at the sole discretion of management. Refunds require a 24 hour notice. Weather conditions are not cause for refunds. Guests asked to leave for rules violations are not provided refunds.

COMMERICAL PHOTOGRAPHY- Butler/Mohican KOA frequently takes photos for use in advertising and our website. Guests agree to allow their images to be used by Butler/Mohican KOA for these purposes. Photos will not be sold for other purposes without the consent of our guests.


LIABILITY: The Butler Mohican KOA endeavors to provide a safe environment for our guests, however; our guest recognizes and accepts that camping entails hazards from actions of others, weather, terrain, flora, fauna, and campground activities, and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify KOA Inc., Management, its officers, family members, volunteers, employees, and fellow campers harmless from injury, loss, or damage to property, themselves, or others. Guests agree to pay for any damages to campground property, sites, buildings, facilities, equipment, or loss of equipment, which may occur as a result of action or inaction by guest or their visitors. Each guest agrees to immediately report any accident, injury, or property damage to the manager or staff. If a hazard or dangerous situation exists on the premises, guests must notify the management or staff immediately. Guests must have unit and transportation vehicles insured at all times.